Yoga room and alternative therapies Whohala

Tarifa, Cádiz

In the year 2017, Francisca founded the first Yoga and alternative therapies room in the town of Tarifa, but due to the success she has achieved, she remains small in less than a year. On her way Celine, Coach and therapist crosses, and from the first moment of knowing each other, they decide to associate and move to a nearby place, started from scratch in a space with many possibilities in which they feel that they can develop all the ideas that create jointly.

Located in the new urbanized area of ​​the town of Tarifa, the main objectives that were pursued in its design were to create a space for meditation, the practice of yoga and the wide spectrum of holistic therapies, in which clients could enjoy a atmosphere of evasion of your routine.

The raw room, with infinite possibilities, and with a free height of more than 4 meters, allows you to play with the design of a mezzanine that houses the individual therapy room, which in turn is open to the main room, allowing you to observe the activities that are carried out in this one. The access to the mezzanine floor is done by means of a metallic stairway painted imitating wood, continuing with the clean and homogeneous design of the rest of the rooms of the premises.

In the main room it was absolutely necessary to get as much useful m2 as possible, to make the most of natural light, and to give a solution to the great demand on the part of the followers of the classes and therapies of the promoters.

The main space, of an immaculate white color, with a minimum decoration and totally clear of any furniture, is treated to a height of 2 meters with a specific coating on the vertical walls, thus maintaining its cleanliness, because the practice of certain Postures imply physical contact and support with the walls.

Another important point was the soundproofing of the premises through panels of plasterboard and PVC carpentry and double glazing, minimizing the impact of traffic and traffic of people, since Omshala is located in one of the main avenues of the town.

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