Workshop and housing for artists (in project)

Facinas, Cádiz

Facinas, a neighboring town of Tarifa inland, is a small town of about 5,000 inhabitants, and currently in full expansion.

The couple of promoters of this project, Painter and sculptor by profession, and Swiss by birth, chose this favorable environment for its development, which will house two private houses for them and the guests to the workshops they teach, and a double room height and mezzanine, as a multidisciplinary workshop space and exhibition of his works, conducting seminars and masterclasses of artistic disciplines, etc.

The exterior design of the entire building takes into account the integration of the same with the white town environment, allowing free rein to the promoters artists with more innovative and breakthrough designs in the interiors.

The project plays with the existing unevenness in both parallel streets, accessing the workshop directly from the street, and giving rise to an intimate inner courtyard through which one enters the house 1, which is designed at the same level as the mezzanine of the workshop , leaving the part of the kitchen open to said mezzanine, whose intention is to impart culinary masterclasses in it.

On the main street, you access the house 2 by a staircase, being this more private, and with the idea of ​​a more restricted use, projecting outside the living room a large terrace with wonderful panoramic views of the interior of the Natural Park of the Alcornocales.

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