Element café

Tarifa, Cádiz

Born in Canary Islands, Iván has worked in a multitude of bars and restaurants for years, in countries as diverse as Mexico, Australia, Panama … where he was able to learn from conscious and natural food.

The location is perfect for your idea of ​​creating a space where food is conscious and respectful with the environment, and a chat with friends, a coffee and a good book.

Taking advantage of the divisions of the existing premises, the fundamental design of the Element Café is based on an open kitchen with open bar (inspired by the Show-Cooking), and the creation of two different spaces, divided by the kitchen, bar and cleanliness.

Emphasizes in the first part of the premises, with a more bold and colorful decoration, to draw attention and invite entry. The idea is to create a meeting atmosphere with friends, more relaxed.

At the back of the premises we find the second part, an area decorated more evenly with the bar space and open kitchen, encouraging a more intimate atmosphere

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