Beach Club Mandala

Tarifa, Cádiz

The Beach Club “Mandala” stands on a lost and forgotten area belonging to the Canning Factory “La Tarifeña” until 2015. The idea arises from the hand of the architect and businessman from Madrid settled in Tarifa, Ivan Caballero Gardyn, forging and being carried out through a collaboration with the architectural firm Alexandra Realty.

The project deals with the rehabilitation of the area closest to the promenade, through the reuse and rehabilitation of prefabricated modules, redesigning the abandoned space of the former canning factory, as well as the final finish of each of its areas.

The result is the reactivation of an area of ​​the Paseo Marítimo that was in a state of neglect, as well as the transformation of one of the coastal areas of the city of Tarifa better located.

It is part of an open space in trapezoidal shape, which highlights the glass front on the seafront, with the pool as a main element and tourist attraction, and about which revolve the rest of the project stays.

So we have at the entrance, going up the ramp, the smallest container, rehabilitated to use Bar-Cockteleria, giving service to the outside area. On the other side of the lot, in the most private part, the rest of the rehabilitated containers are grouped forming an area of ​​restaurant, kitchen, and toilets, covering the spaces that are between the cubes, with ceilings of wooden structure and covering of heather, as well as the wood coatings, giving a more informal and beach character to the establishment.

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